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Bovine Products







With a twenty year relationship with the commercial beef industry and the USDA, we can offer a wide variety of raw materials plus the necessary sourcing documentation and certifications to meet our customer’s needs.  All of our bovine products are collected from USDA inspected facilities. All harvested materials come from bovine animals that receive ante and post-mortem inspections by the USDA that are deemed healthy and fit for human consumption. 



We can collect from age, gender, and origin specific animals.  Spear Products owns and manages a large population of low risk cattle (closed herd) as defined in ISO 22442-2: 2007.  We also offer low risk herd sources from Australia and New Zealand.

In our new facility, we have the capacity and equipment to process your products the way you want them. With 7000 ft3 of freezer space and 4200 ft3 of cooler space we can accommodate both large and small orders. All of our material is harvested and shipped per customer instructions: fresh, frozen, freeze dried, flash frozen on dry ice or liquid nitrogen. We own multiple sized refrigerated trucks for same day or overnight transportation.
Please contact us with any questions you might have.