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Porcine Products






Porcine collagen is the basis for hundreds of medical and cosmetic products currently on the market and in research and development.  With recent concerns over the possibility to transfer diseases between bovine and humans, porcine raw materials are an excellent alternative and are gaining favorable acceptance with the FDA. We currently supply porcine collagen from skins and tendons, and can customize the process for each customer. We process all of our collagen in our new facility, equipped with product specific rooms and dedicated equipment to avoid cross contamination. 

We have custom built, product specific splitting machines able to slice corium as thin as 0.3mm with a tolerance of 0.1mm of accuracy. 

pig skinporcine coll sheet
porcine collporcine coll

We adhere to sanitization and cleaning procedures and maintain a climate controlled environment to help assure a quality product.  Some of our collagen products are chemically treated and processed while others are only trimmed and rinsed with water to be shipped raw.  All of our collagen products are custom packaged to suit each of our customers’ needs. We can process the collagen into many different textures, sizes, and shapes.  We offer options to soak, slice, particle size, and freeze dry our collagen products.  We also ship fresh to local areas and ship overnight to others.
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